Teachers or others interested in making their own branch of the Museums of Endangered Ocean Life, get in touch. We can help you find ways of helping kids create their own works of art and science that get posted in the museum, worldwide!

More importantly, we can help kids find ways to truly make a difference, no matter where they live. There is always something to do to make the world a better place, a healthier place, and more fun too. Fred can help put smiles on faces - faces of happier kids with new purpose in a new year!

Become a FRIEND OF FRED and help spread the word about those who help endangered species. Invite Fred to your school. He will bring lots of good information and connect you with others.

More information at

Facing Future Explained

EXTINCT means gone, pau, from all places. Example, the O'o is extinct from its former forests in Hawaii. They no longer exist.

EXTIRPATEDmeans gone from a given area. Example, Grizzly Bears were extirpated from California about 1925. They still exist.

ENDANGERED means that a species is nearing extinction unless actions are taken immediately to save them. It is usually a legal term associated with the Endangered Species Act, but because this is a political tool, it does not always reflect accurate science. Example: the Hawaiian Monk Seal is endangered and will likely become extinct.

THREATENED means that a species is likely to near extinction and become endangered unless actions are taken to protect it and its habitat. Example: Bald Eagles were threatened but have been removed from this list due to habitat protection and reductions in use of chemicals such as DDT.

SPECIES OF CONCERN: Many states have lists that include species not covered under federal protection as endangered or threatened. These may be species extirpated from the state, but present in greater numbers in neighboring areas.

Unfortunately, no reasonable approach has been worked out to list endangered habitats, the primary living space for all life forms. To many scientists, the entire Arctic is now endangered. Imagine, as Richard Ellis says, "If Australia were suddenly to disappear, don't you think we would wake up and do something?" Well, we are losing an area about the size and importance of Australia as the Arctic disappears, transforming due to climate change and taking with it the Polar Bears, Bowhead Whales, and Peoples dependent on that vast ecosystem.

Sunday, November 29, 2009



Here are just a few of the plants very much in danger of leaving planet earth forever, some of them due to climate change that is affecting rainfall, therefore, rainforest, therefore, rainforest plants.

Try to find information on these beautiful plants. Maybe even create your own "Adopt a Hawaiian Plant" rescue effort!

Some information can be found about these from Bishop Museum Endangered Plants.

It seems most respectful to list some of the plants with known Hawaiian Names:

Ka'u Silversword
'Ahinahina Haleakala Silversword
'Oha wai
Nanu......................................and the list goes on and on and is added to as new plant species are discovered. Anyone with good ideas of protecting these from extinction, do comment or simply take actions you believe are pono.                        

Monday, November 23, 2009


It's me Fred. Here I am in Australia studying up on Down Under Fish.

So I thought I would call up my way cool artist friend, Evon Zerbetz. She and buddy Ron
have been good buddies ever since they "Built a Book" called Whalemail. they spent lotta time
on that book and got good friendship from sharing love of whale and ocean.
Evon and Ron also love Raven. And Rockfish too.
This is Evon's "Fresh Baked Octopi" from her too fun book

She cut into soft stuff, add ink, put in press and Yipppeee make print to do art.
You gotta meet her in person up in Catch A Can. That in Alaska. Too cold maybe for Fred?

Serious now. You not believe this story.
Ron tell me this. When he boy, Rockfish so much he could fill freezer for family meal.
He do this to help feed family back long time ago. He old you know.
Today, not many rockfish. Maybe Ron catch em all? Don't know, but he wonder too
when we talk fish story.

You know.
Whole lotta kids love endangered soft and cuddly and cute animal.
Kids love penguin, polar bear, dolphin. whale, monkey too maybe?


Gotta take care of rockfish. They over fished for sure. Big Trawlers come along
Drag bottom and scoop up thousands. Millions maybe. Good friend, Satch,
Ron's best mechanic friend and commercial fisherguy tell story of this.
Satch say he responsible for shark go away. No fooling. Satch say this to me, Fred!

I gotta say you need check out all coast fish stuff. I try set up links. Ron these days
be busy with Tribal wonderful project. Tribe he work with love Rockfish too.
When Ron little young boy he fish and learn from his hero, Russell.
Russell Tribal Elder now and Russell tell Ron many good fish story.

When Ron boy, Russell help show Ron how catch fish in S'Klallam Waters.

Be watch for more on this to learn ways of Salish Sea fishermen. Some girl fisher too. You Bet!

Fred gotta tell friend Evon. We say He'e. Or maybe a lot, Tako for tasty Octopus!

Fred the Fisherman. Australia. Summertime Down Under. Cold Time Up North Country.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The yellow lines you see are GPS tracks of a few Grizzly Bears
moving through the year in a vast area north of Missoula, Montana.
To gain a proper perspective, reach for a Montana map to locate the
Mission and Swan Mountain Ranges. You can then gain a sense of how much
land each bear needs to survive. More importantly, Grizzly supporters urge
that you look at efforts to protect connecting corridors of habitat from the
Greater Yellowstone to Canada.

It will not help the Grizzlies if we isolate them in parks like Yellowstone and Glacier.
The bears need to mix and mingle as they once did and the creators of this map
are working hard to connect lands for sustainable populations of the bears
and the complete community they associate with in Alaska, Canada, and the lower 48.

Kids at Wilson School in Wilson, Wyoming have inspired others to join in efforts by
and others who are protecting the bears by purchasing lands through the
Learn more at links for Grizzly Bear Protection
Visit Grizzly Bear Habitats in the Museum.

Grizzlies Ocean Animals?

Grizzly Bears, aka Brown Bears love nothing better than to scoop a fish from water.
Wherever healthy rivers run full of cutthroat and salmon, you can be assured
that these same rivers bring healthy freshwaters into the sea. In this way
Grizzlies are one important indicator of wathershed health.

They also dig for clams where they are still present in coastal habitats.

Protect a bear and you are protecting our oceans.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Plastic Free Friday Poster


X310 was born on Pihemanu, Midway Atoll
March 2008. She died in June 2008

Like many albatrosses, X310 was fed plastics by her parents
because parent birds are increasingly unable to tell real food
from the endless stream of bottle caps, markers, lighters, toothbrushes,
and other plastics in the ocean.
An estimated 46,000 pieces of plastic float in every
square mile of ocean, making it tougher for birds
to find flying fish eggs and squid, their natural diet.

You can help by choosing to be plastic free this
and every Friday.

Choose not to buy foods wrapped in plastic, toys made of plastic,
computers, pens, and especially bottles with detachable plastic caps.


Please feel free to copy and post. Mahalo.


Aina. Land.
Wai. Water.
Kai. Ocean.
All these dance together in beautiful ways on the island, Kaua'i.

When we protect land, water, and ocean we are understanding
and we are gaining the Kuleana (Responsibility) needed to sustain all life.

It's me Fred. My new good person friend, Lynn Soehner, placed this beautiful painting in the Museum up by Ha'ena by Ke'e Beach and into the Pali where water falls from those green cliffs. You see same room of Museum and find plants so in danger, only ONE left on all earth up there. Gotta protect plants of watershed all way from top to sea. My good buddies the corals know this pretty good, yeah! Protect river, Protect coral. All live downstream from one another in big circle of life.

Mahalo Lynn. Your family is so lucky to have you and your creativity. Our ocean family gives you big hug!

Fred. Australia. Dreaming Kaua'i.   

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Aloha nui loa from Coral

Aloha from Me, Fred.
This is my friend Madison and her brother, Cole.
They swim with Humuhumu and search for CORAL in Hawai'i for science.
They even got into a book by buddy, Ron and his way cool friend,
Tammy Yee.
Tammy is a dancer, artist, writer, mom, and friend of all us ocean animals.
Their book together helps ocean animals like coral.
It is called Swimming With Humuhumu. You buy. You support Fred and Friends!

Today, Friends I need to introduce are my ANIMAL friends, Coral.
Madison there in picture is diving to see some of the coral at reef in Kaua'i.

Here is Coral message:


What more can anyone say?
You can go over to right and find good information for keiki and you too.

You know, Coral are like cities and countries. They build up reefs almost ONE MILE THICK with their very nice limestone.
Coral are now being put on endangered official list, but have been on animal in ocean list for many years because we watch ocean acid and bunch of algae and warm waters and rising waters and lots of sediment in our waters too. You people build too many buildings too close to water edge. For sure. What be matter with all of you?

Me and animal friends want to place Tammy illustrations in our hall of famous artists
who help ocean.
You know other artists need be here, let us know.
And you keiki, send us your art about coral.
We will reward you in many ways!
Send art to Fred, Project Museum of Ocean Life
PO Box 899
Hadlock, Washington 98339

Maybe I send you some pretty shells?

Fred and Coral Friends. Australia. 2009

Listen to Us Animals and Plants too!

It's me, your friend, Fred the Monkey.

My fish friends in Australia asked me to do this. Starta new kinda blog, just for the newly created Museum of Endangered Ocean Life here, downunder and the Hawaiian Museum of Endangered Animals.

They wanted this special place so they all  --- all ocean life --- can post their own words about what happening in beautiful ocean.

You know. When I last in Hawaii, I learn Hawaiian word, is WATER.....Guess what else! Same word, WAI mean WEALTH because Hawaiian nice people know water is life and breath.

So, that is why, Me Fred and some other good designers of beautiful places, created these new museums!!!

They are all OUTSIDE on aina (land) or ya gotta dive in and see rooms in the kai (ocean). My buddy Ron know lotta nice people who art up the walls of the museums. Some kids. Some older people but not as old as buddy Ron.......he old. Gotta tease him!

So very much hope you stay in touch time to time and hear from the animals themselves. They got different story a lotta time. Something to do with peopletics, what we animals call you all talk way too much and don't swim the swim enough!

Dive In. Have fun too. Because, I gotta lotta good friends who love ocean by surfing, boogie board, fish, swim, dive, canoe, and even get learning in funny plastic boat. Gotta introduce em to wood! Wood good.

Signing Off,   Fred